Flip Them Off!

Swing for the Benches

Our new performance-enhancing rubberized earpieces fit any position on your hat or helmet.

World’s Best flip-up mechanism. 

With a strong, yet comfortable grip on the middle of your face, you won’t sacrifice intimidation when fipped-off. So even when you shake hands and say “good game,” your opponent will know you don’t mean it. 

This sweet spot makes it easy to flip-off without smudging your line of sight with your greasy corndog fingers.

The Official Sunglasses of Third Base

Prepare for Liftoff!

Zero Gravity Sunglasses

Rubberized nose and ear pieces provide maximum grip so your Lift-Offs stay in place when you’re in space (astronauts love to rhyme).

This state-of-the-art hinge mechanism designed by REAL space mechanics provides a smooth switch between lift-off (lens up) and full-orbit (lens down) at the speed of light.

Twice the lens as the original Pit Vipers, Dual Lens Technology™ comes in handy in most corners of the galaxy as a 1:1 lens to eye ratio is required by astro law for space aviation comandeering.

Shatterproof polycarbonate frame and lens built to withstand extreme G-Forces, magnetic field jostles, and tricycle collisions.

Real Space Technology